So jung

Yu So-Jung first met Sahu when he got angry at her for drawing on a J-A poster. She also trusts Sahu very much after she saved him from a certain someone. Sahu asked her to help keep his guitar. She is later revealed to be an artificial zombie and have her internal organs removed without her knowing. 

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

She has Black hair and also small.


At some chapter on which is on the mangas second season she was added to the story. She met Sahu the time when she drawed things at a J-A poster. She then eventually got attacked by the guard robots when she was with Sahu who was about to leave. Some chapters on she went to a quarantined zone where she was attacked by zombies eating a person. She was saved by a mysterious police officer and asked her for information where Sahu is. After some chapters more when she finally escaped the quarantine area with Sahus' Guitar, she accidentally stumbled upon German Pinscher and Ju-Hyeon where she told her about Sahu, his Guitar and events that happened before she met them and was eventually Killed by German Pinscher but then, it is found out that she still alive.