Skull Smoking

Skull is a fellow friend of Sahu. He is also a zombie. Latest chapter shows Hogan giving Skull that Sahu carries while Hogan says that "He says he doesn't need it anymore" So on and Forth. 

Appearance & Personality Edit

Originally, Skull was a young man with shoulder length dark hair. Skull was originally an optimistic man who was passionate in everything he did, and loved to play music. Skull would later describe himself as "naive", do to his optimistic attitude and belief that others would accept him in his new undead state.

Skull's body has decayed greatly over the years, to the point that he looks like a skeleton (though he insists that he still has skin, and it is just pulled so tightly over his body that it only appears that he has no skin) due to the fact that for a long time he chose not to use any preservatives to stop his body from decaying. When he rides his motorcycle, Sahu claims that he looks like Ghost Rider. He is always shown wearing a suit and, despite his his decayed state, Skull still has retains his shoulder length dark hair. In addition to his skin, Skull also has no eyes do to the decayed state of his body, though he can still see quite well, to all of the other characters' dismay. Although Skull has always been a smoker, he smokes more now due to the fact that he no longer has any lungs and so smoking can't hurt him.


Skull used to be part of a famous band, but it disbanded after he died while they were on tour. After returning to life as a zombie, Skull attempted to seek shelter with one of his former band mates and friends Jisan. Although it seemed that Jisan was going to let Skull stay with him, he reported Skull to the police. Killing the police, Skull confronted Jisan, leaving after realizing that Jisan would never accept him now that he was a zombie. Skull resolved to find his old girlfriend Mira, and let her know that he was alive again. However, upon arriving at her home, he learned that she had already moved on, causing him to lose any faith he still had in humanity. When Sahu resolved to meet his old crush Ju-Hyeon, Skull tried to tell Sahu this story to dissuade him. However, even after hearing the story, Sahu chose to believe in Ju-Hyeon and to go find her. As he watch him go, Skull mused silently that he had once been exactly like Sahu.