Sahu (사후) is a zombie and the main protagonist of Wake Up Deadman. Sahu dies before the beginning of the series by sacrificing himself to save his love interest, Ju-Hyeon, from being hit by a truck. He later revives as a zombie, with lingering regrets due to never confessing to Ju-Hyeon.

Personality & AppearanceEdit

Before he became a zombie, he had bluish grey hair. Sahu had a strong crush on his classmate Ju-Hyeon, and was always trying to impress her. Sahu would try to spend as much time with Ju-Hyeon as possible, listened to the same music as her, and even learned how to play the guitar just to have an excuse to talk to her. Sahu's problem was he would always overthink his confessions, and would always end up talking himself out of confessing due to the fear of being rejected. To make matters worse, whenever he would talk himself out of confessing, he would usually have to distract her from his confession by doing something weird that would almost always make her angry with him, such as jokingly asking her to smell his armpit after deciding at the last minute not to confess to her.

After he became a zombie, his hair turned white (which he claims is do to his use of strong preservatives to keep his body from decaying). His left cheek is torn open, due to the accident, exposing his teeth. He wears jeans and a hoodie with a jacket. He uses the hoodie to cover his face when he goes around. He got his clothes from the bin. In season 2, he bandage the bottem half of his face. His right arm got cut by Kanis and he is shown without it in season 3.


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