Ju hyeon

She is a human girl who has a tumor growing in her brain. When doctors determined that they could not operate to remove the tumor, she decided to kill herself before the tumor caused her death. She originally started following Sahu and Skull to try to convince them to bite her and turn her into a zombie, but has since developed feelings for Sahu, due to his treatment to her.

After she found out that the reason he kept her around was because he hoped she could act as a replacement for his old childhood crush Ju-Hyeon until he found and confessed to her, she tried to test Sahu to determine whether he would choose her or his crush. After he decided to leave her behind to find J-A, she began traveling with the German Pinscher to find him.

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

In season 1, she wore an over-sized shirt that Sahu gave her. She has blond hair and green eyes. In season 2, she wore a sleeve-less hoodie and tied her hair up into a ponytail.


She was accidentially found by Sahu at her attempt to jump off a bridge which happened accidental (Which means she slipped) and Sahu caught her. Later on She told him that she have brain tumor and followed him around because she wanted him to turn her into a zombie. This is not what she really followed him for it is only because she was In love with Sahu because of his kindness to her.


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