Ju Hyeon has been Sahu's crush ever since he was still alive. Sahu was obsessed with her, constantly hanging around her, listening to the same music she did, and even learned to play the guitar just so he could talk to her. Ju Hyeon always dreamed of being a famous musician, a dream Sahu encouraged, and spent most of her free time either practicing guitar or listening to music.

After Sahu died saving her life, Ju Hyeon went on to achieve her dream, becoming the famous idol J-A, and was world famous for her music. Despite this, Ju Hyeon never forgot Sahu, even bringing him up and expressing her gratitude to him for saving her life during an interview (to Sahu's surprise and delight).

Appearance & PersonalityEdit

In middle school, Ju Hyeon had long, dark hair, and would hang out with Sahu a lot. She liked to give Sahu a hard time, and enjoyed teasing him, constantly critiquing his guitar playing skills.

After leaving middle school and becoming an idol, Ju Hyeon started using the stage name J-A, took on a more mature look, and bleached her hair


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